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  E.X.P. - Exp 
feat. ROZZ WILLIAMS and PARIS . an atmospheric dance in the glass realm of multimedia . Experimentation that refuses boundaries. Innovative & exotic goth-industrial-symphonies, always evolving, always without comparison. Don`t fear the unexpected ! Be openminded ! Don`t expect any anachronism . PARIS (formerly keyboardist of Shadow Project)has joined forces with bassist Rozz Williams (formerly of Christian Death), jazz guru Ace Farren Ford (Smegma), Ryan Gaumer and Justin Bennett. The first incarnation of E.X.P. began in 1993 with recordings made in subterranean tunnels at the ocean. Paris and Ryan used the sounds for the soundtrack of , a one-time multimedia assault at a Gnostic church in Los Angeles. E.X.P. did a series of successful West coast shows, incorporating the chilling sounds of Brian on a huge steel cello and the bizarre performance art of a crazed Dean X. < ..this is a hybrid of styles nurtured by years of multimedia West coast performances. Transcending experimental , E.X.P. slips into sonic chaos. Chants and wails are bathed in schizophrenic symphonies, saxophone and rare steel cello mix with arresting samples. EXP serves up enough atmosphere to drown in. > (April Johnson, 1997 ) <" experimentation that refuses boundaries, like if DOWNLOAD would meet FAITH & THE MUSE...>

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