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STEVE ROACH - Live Transmission | 2CD Bitte einloggen für den Preis
STEVE ROACH - Live Transmission
label: Projekt, 2013 ; Radio Concert May 2013

Created in a single two-hour session two days after his epic May 2013 Ambicon concert, LIVE TRANSMISSION is Steve Roach doing what he does best: creating transcendent electronic music emerging from an elemental, instinctual mode. With months of preparation absorbed into his system, Steve’s slow-flow moods and evocative soundscapes blend with ecstatic rhythmic sections born from hands-on analog sound creation. The result is a direct transference of creative energy from the artist through his instruments out to the listener. 

For this 2-CD release, Steve travelled with a portable version of his Timeroom Studio to the San Francisco-based headquarters of internet radio station SomaFM. For the past twelve years, SomaFM’s “Drone Zone” channel has exposed a global audience to the best of electronic excursions with Steve as one of their regularly featured artists.

1.Disk 1: In the Light of Day 21:54
2.Zone of Drones 07:46
3.Looking for Safety (Live on SomaFM) 14:32
4.Reflecting Chamber (Live on SomaFM) 11:31
5.Kairos Portal 04:39
6.Disc 2: Vortex Immersion (Live on SomaFM) 32:26
7.Westwind (Live on SomaFM) 16:49
8.Today (Live on SomaFM) 16:40

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