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EPILEPSY - Rozois | CD Bitte einloggen für den Preis
  EPILEPSY - Rozois 
doom electro industrial ; " of the best Ministryesque hardcores I`ve heard, and I heard a few ! ( D.D. , MFTEQ, UK, Issue 12, 1995 )..." ; A L P H I L A T H D E M I E L E S T H A I .. ..... and the message is clear : Greetings from the darkness , welcome to the world of NECRONOMICON and HELLRAISER . After their cooperation with AKRON and H.R.GIGER for the soundtrack of the BAPHOMET project here their full lenght debut album ROZOIS . The tracks vary from uncompromising doom to electro-crossover and industrial . The unique combination of powerful synthetic samples with speedy guitars and demonic vocals creates a very dark and doomy atmosphere . For the vocals / lyrics EPILEPSY use an very old , long time forgotten language to develop and intensify the impressing and gloomy character . press reviews : EPILEPSY breaks down the barrier between Doom and Industrial . A massive wall of guitars , samples , heavy sounds , more weirdness, danceable beats , supported by vocals like out of hell .. ROZOIS is extremely heavy and effective guitar work with well placed samples and pumping beats, beats, beats. CROSSOVER ALBUM OF THE MONTH ( Audioglobe) . ...guitar-metal-electro crossover with a high energy level. EPILEPSY creates a massive wall of guitars, samples, heavy sounds, weirdness, danceable beats and hellish vocals. Though one of the songs contains a dominant techno beat ( Phananelebos ), the guitars generally play an important part. If you are an admirer of TESTIFY you should give EPILEPSY a listen, because Rozois is really a worthy album that pumps up your adrenaline level leaving you behind longing for more. ( PHOSPHOR Magazin, August 1995 ) . the boundaries of metal and electronics are diverging more and more, EPILEPSY`s doomy blend of synthetics and slashing guitars finds itself a market from within both camps extremely well.....on tracks such as Delisces Steits ...there s a hardness added which moves on at fair fact in this form they are one of the best Ministryesque hardcores I`ve heard, and I heard a few ! ( D.D. , MFTEQ, UK, Issue 12, 1995 )

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