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KATZKAB - Object No.1 (Export Only) | CD Please login to view the prices!
  KATZKAB - Object No.1 (Export Only) 
label: Projekt, 2013 ; ex-Katzenjammer Kabarett ; file : Dark Cabaret / 80`s WAVE

German Customers: please contact NOVA MEDIA as our official distributor for this release in Germany

  ; KatzKab is electro-punk-cabaret rising from the ashes of the late band Katzenjammer Kabarett to awaken the dancing skeleton that sleeps within each of us.
KatzKab doesn’t transcend genres so much as explode them wholesale. Musically, the group mixes cabaret, deathrock, synthpunk, and minimal-synth conventions with cockeyed abandon; post-punk guitar tones, post-Dresden-Dolls vocals and Euro-electro synthesizers all manage to find a place in their sonic palette. Of the many new acts who pick up on the old-school Bat Cave tricks of the past, KatzKab is one of the few that move beyond homage or pastiche. They are not afraid to inject a little Lene Lovich or Soft Cell playfulness and craziness here and there. Everything old is new again with these kids. Arty, weird, and brilliant.
1.Miracle 03:57
2.The Baron Samedi's End 04:30
3.Harold and the Body 05:10
4.Sinking 03:27
5.Let's Burn Them 03:20
6.Boliw 03:08
7.The Silent Guest 04:03
8.Voodoo Catwalk 02:25
9.Interlude 01:22
10.Lithopedion Boy 03:31
11.Chopped Off 02:

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