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  MELEK-THA - War is Coming 
label: Dark Vinyl, October 2004

we think there is no need for any special introduction : MELEK-THA still stands for bombastic Black Industrial and Apocalyptic Death Music, added by symphonic chants. The onliest difference to his earlier releases are the much more aggressive & rythmical beats and the more doomy guitars, which will blow you away this time ! Armaggedon is near and the fusion / melting between death industrial and black metal has reached a new zenith under the leadership of MELEK-THA. review GOTHTRONIC: This Melek-Tha cd sounds like a furious and unstoppable war machine. Superior black industrial with war samples, heavy beats and a ymphonic element.The first track ?Khaos Domination? has a martial feel. The second track ?Destruktor Propaganda? has a typical industrial feel, where you?ll hear a riff of which the origin is not exactly clear. Is it a guitar or is this produced by electronics solely? The fifth track ?Hammers of Centurion? is again a extremely heavy industrial track, which invokes a trance like state by the constant repeating, and it has funky rhythms as well. ?Carnage? is a very dark track with roaring guitarwork and machine-like factory sounds. Melek-Tha has delivered their most aggressive work until now with this release. I find this very good and i am impressed with the sheer power in combination with the black doom of Melek-Tha?s music.

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