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ROZZ WILLIAMS / A Tribute to Rozz Williams - V.A. The Tongue Ac | CD Please login to view the prices!
  ROZZ WILLIAMS /  A Tribute to Rozz Williams - V.A. The Tongue Ac 
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this is the official ROZZ WILLIAM Tribute album, initiated by ROZZ.NET in 2002;
please note that the CD version has different artwork and some different artist as the limited 2LP version .
In Winds of Time My Body - OMEWENNE
Dream for Mother - STONE 588
Theatre Figuratif - INSANASOMNIA (*)
Into The Light - SILVERY
Deathwish - CASUAL
Relax The Word - I WILL I (*)
Red Handed - MICHAREL (*)
Figurative Theatre - ANTIWORLD (*)
Desperate Hell - HEAVEN FALLS HARD (*)
The Glass House - AUDRA (*)
System of a Non Union - ALLOTROPY EXHIBITION (*)
The Devil and Mr. Williams - MKA
(*) Exclusive Tracks on the CD version

" ein mehr als nur würdiges akustisches denkmal, das hoffentlich dazu beitragen wird das ROZZ WILLIAMS niemals in vergessenheit gerät " ( ORKUS, Februar 2002 ) , " ...lässt das längst tot geglaubte Genre AMERICAN GOTH-ROCK in neuem Glanz erblühen und macht deutlich dass man auch heute noch mit dynamischer, druckvoller Goth-Musik rechnen darf " ( BLACK, Februar 2002) ; offizielles ROZZ William Tribute Album, feat. AUDRA, ANTI-WORLD, CRUSH VIOLETS & GITANE DEMONE, STONE 588, I Will I....

achtung: die CD enthält teilweise andere bands / tracks als die Vinyl version .

GOTHIC PARADISE Review : In the world of tribute albums it can be hard to find a good tribute where the artists stay true to the style of the artist they are paying tribute to and yet add their own touches as to more fully show respect for the music the artist has left behind. In the case of this album, the artists pay their respects and do covers of the many tracks that the late Rozz Williams left behind. I find that these artists in general do a good job of recreating in their own way the songs covered herein. Kicking it off is Omewenne performing "In Winds of Time My Body", one of the more laid-back tracks on this album and very nice in many ways that you almost wouldnt expect on this album. Now Galaxxy Chamber does pick up with what I would expect more on this tribute with a joint cover of "Stairs and Prayer" the obscure deathrock style really stands out like I think Rozz meant it to be. Along with many of these classic tracks covered, its nice to see that the artists that contribute are also those that were influenced by or collaborated with Rozz on his various projects. Included are legendary greats as well as some newcomers that have quickly made a name for themselves, including Crush Violets, Gitane Demone, Stone 588, Audra and Heaven Falls Hard. I certainly have some favorites out of these, including the artists Ive listed. I think that Casuals cover of "Deathwish" is extremely well done and stays well within the original style. Stone 588 performs "Dream for Mother" with their unique style that delves right into female-fronted Gothic/Deathrock. Audra have been around for a few years with a couple of albums, but are still relative newcomers and do an excellent cover of "The Glass House". Besides the covers on this album we re also presented with a tribute song "The Devil and Mr. Williams" by MKA. This track is more of a folk song about Rozz and his death, excellently done with acoustic guitar and thoughtful lyrics. As far as tributes go, I think overall, this one is very well done. Rating: 4/5

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