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PHD2 - Resource
label: Dark Vinyl excellentes Dark Ambient / deep Cinematic sideproject of PHALLUS DEI

Hier müssen wahre Meister ihres Faches am Werk gewesen sein. Klar: musikalische Vergleiche hinken. Aber wer RAISON D?ETRE, CHAOS AS SHELTER oder die Ritual-Sachen der HYBRYDS mag, sollte sich Resource von PHD2 unbedingt zu Gemüte führen ( BLACK Magazin, Issue 27 )

* excellentes Dark Ambient / deep Cinematic Album von PHALLUS DEI

* we are more than pleased to present a new album by PHD2 ( the dark ambient project of PHALLUS DEI ).
* PHD2 s successor ( to their critically acclaimed debut album Universum from 1996 ), offers six new dark ambient tracks for your nocturnal listening pleasure. Your personal guide to the darkest innerself. Distant, floating soundcollages weave in and out over a subharmonic, pulsating bassdrum as your vibrating woofer reminds you of LUSTMORDs deepest releases. Technoid, repeating synthpatterns blend in with subtle, minimal melodies, while contemporary beat programming underlined with cinematic soundscapes evoke an atmosphere thats vaguely reminiscent of BIOSPHERE or MOUSE ON MARS. With their combination of adventurous beats and organic soundscapes PHD2 have their hand on the vein of modern dark ambient, and honestly said this could become one of the best dark ambient releases this year as RESOURCE might be what everybody would have expected to be the new album by Lustmord since years........

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